How to replace a Nintendo DS lite charging port

In this video I show you how I fixed up my £9.99 DS lite ebay find. It didn’t take long to indentify the problem and when the new part arrived, it was a relatively easy fix to get it working again.

Identifying a faulty charge port.

Fault finding a broken charge port on any Nintendo DS is fairly simple. After plugging it in, give the power lead a wiggle from side to side to see if the orange light switches on and off as you move the cable.

A visual inspection can also reveal damage with missing or bent pins inside the connector.


While removing the faulty component I found the flux paste much more effective than the brush on (no clean) type. Using the hot air was much quicker than th soldering iron and solder sucker, with the added benefit of being non contact (in theory there is less chance of damaging pads).

The game ports worked after a good clean. So rather than there being a fault, they are just worn, making them a little temperamental at times.

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